We know that parents, families, and friends love to keep up to date on their students’ activities during our programs. Our trip leaders will post updates to this blog in order to keep you updated on the group’s progress. While the blog posts will not provide detailed information about your child, they will keep you informed about the activities, projects and successes of the program, as well as comfort the usual worries in sending a son or daughter to a far-away place.

Leaders will post to the blog as often as possible, but please keep in mind that our groups have very busy schedules and internet access is often limited. The frequency of blog posts will range depending on the group’s itinerary and field conditions. Please rest assured that we can reach leaders at any time and that we will discuss any important issues concerning your child directly with them and with you. As you know, you can reach us by phone at our office during business hours, and on our emergency line 24/7 if necessary.

We suggest that you subscribe to the blog during your first visit. Once subscribed, you will receive an email each time that the blog has been updated.  To subscribe, click the “Subscribe” link at the top of the page, or the button that says “Follow” in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen and enter your email address in the available space.